Sometimes you just have to shake your head…

So, I came across this, uh…interesting blog.  The very first thing I notice is his banner scripture from Ecclesiastes.

The heart of the wise inclines to the right, but the heart of the fool to the left. –Ecc. 10:2

So I tried to ask him if he thought that this quote proved that God preferred Republicans; surprisingly, my comment never saaw the light of day.  I tried again, by asking him if he knew that the bible was compiled centuries ago.  Or, if he knew when the rather arbitrary practice of political handedness came about.

This, of course, got no response either–which brings me to the second thing I noticed about his blog.  There are virtually no comments on any post.  As with many “political” outlets these days, this blog’s purpose is not to foster discussion or communication of any sort.

The old adage of not talking politics at a bar has taken hold of every aspect of American culture.  This is to the detriment of America.  If your only audience is those who already agree with you, why talk?

It’s too bad really; I’d like to know if God really does hate liberals.  I guess we’ll have to look for answers in other places.  Keep up the good work, Shock and Blog.



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12 responses to “Sometimes you just have to shake your head…

  1. Actually, my blog has almost 1500 comments dating back to December of 2004 (an average of almost 75 comments per month), which is more than I can say for your blog here. It’s kind of amazing that your inaugural post is a whine about my blog. Wait. Not amazing. Pathetic.

    As to my tagline, it says nothing about Republicans and Democrats, so I don’t know why you think it does. And if you want your comments to appear and be responded to, try to make them coherent and meaningful to the subject of the entry. I rarely make exceptions to this.

  2. Well, Jason:

    I am curious then as to what your tagline is there for? Your blog is obviously a political animal. You have a warning sticker posted for liberals to beware. What exactly do you think that people believe your tagline is?

    And I did ask you about it in a thread called: Why the left will destroy this country Hard to believe that I might think that your tagline meant something political, huh? You probably could’ve answered my very simple question.

    As for the comments, I suppose that was a minor cheap shot. But, my blog is just a place for me to put down the things I’d like to remember or ruminate about. If people want to comment great, if not…I don’t particularly care. I had assumed as a political blog, you would want a bit more discourse. And THAT was really the point, a political blog that discourages discourse.

    Perhaps a reason the right will destry this country?

  3. Dear Jason,

    Piss off.

    JanieBelle and Kate

  4. Thank-you, girls.

    But I must now say the obligatory “Be nice.”

    Besides, he said what he wanted to say–probably never to return. Sometimes it does a body good.

  5. Sorry, blipey.

    We don’t like it when someone is mean to our peeps. You hear what weez sayin’ dude?

    Ok, we’ll be nice, we promise.

    Kisses from bo’fus.

  6. He wasn’t mean, he was stupid.

    They’re spelled different.

    Always nice to hear from ya, though.

  7. Make up your mind, blip. Is your question about Republicans and Democrats or the right and the left? “They’re spelled different[sic],” too.

    Surely you can’t be suggesting that different is spelled incorrectly? -blipey

    My apology.  “They are spelled differently.”  -blipey

  8. Okay, Jas. I’ll spell it out for you; you apparently need it. Your tag line implies that perhaps you think God favors those on the right of the political spectrum, as opposed to those on the left.

    Now, in this country we call those people conservatives and liberals (loosely). And, thereby, Republicans and Democrats (loosely). So, I used those terms.

    My point remains the same. I’ll rephrase it if you like:

    Does your tag line imply that you think God prefers conservatives to liberals?

    If so, are you aware that the practice of assigning right and left to these political ideas started well after the bible was written? Those with a liberal mindset arbitrarily started sitting on the left of the legislative hall and conservatives to the right all those years ago in France.

    If your tag line does not make any political statement, what does it mean? Why is it there?

  9. blipey,

    Congratulations, it looks like you’ve got your very first…fan.

    Besides us, of course. We’re a different kind of fan.

    I’m having a bit of trouble being “nice” so I’ll just say hello, and split on up out of here.

    Kisses from bo’fus,
    JanieBelle and Unconcious Kate

  10. We’re a different kind of fan.

    An oscillating one? Chinese style?

  11. Anonymous

    It seems I’m a little late. Still, Jason blocked my ISP and I figured my point would be made just as well here as anywhere else. In Great Britain, (where The Bible is more likely referring to that America, considering that it’s at least in the same general area as Rome, The Pope, the bones of Peter, etc.,), the right-left spectrum is switched. In the U.K. Jason would be a radical leftist. Also, if the same version of the Bible is used in both countries, then God only dislikes the left on one side of the ocean, and the right on the other. Either way, I doubt it has much political meaning.

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