On the Road Again

Well, it looks like I’ll be hitting the road again.  This time I’ll be touring The Boston Tea Party, teaching the history of the American Revolutionary War to grade schoolers.  September 11th through May 11th, I’m sure I’ll be very tired of the show by then, but it still beats the hell out of a desk job.

Actually, I’m very excited about the show…it’s a fun, melodramatic, two-show.  Just two of us on the road…we’ll really own the show.  A lot of responsibility goes along with that, making sure the show stays top notch without much outside input.  It’ll be a chance to exercise some of my less used theatrical muscles.

I also get to go to Delaware!  That’s the only state I’ve never been to and that little detail will be cleared up.  To all Delawarians, I apologize in advance.

may gravity be kind…


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