Mystery Train

A four course steak dinner, cocktails, and a little murder thrown in for good measure–what could be finer?

The answer, of course, is nothing (at least after the third cocktail). So, if you’re in Kansas City or planning to be here, come and check out the The Mystery Train show.

The current show, Hold-up on Deadman’s Creek, follows the mishaps of the worst train robbers to ever almost threaten Missouri–The Jones Gang. Come and join a fantastic (even with me in it) cast, headed by Eric VanHorn and Brandon Nagel.

Great interactive entertainment for families, special and corporate events, or the truly wacky at heart. Playing through August 19th.



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5 responses to “Mystery Train


    If we’re ever in KC, we’ll be there with bells on! (and clothes, too, we promise!) You WILL autograph the playbill for us, won’t you?


    p.s. Thanks for the pic thing. It’s working on your new posts.

    p.p.s. Hey, where’s the preview button?????

  2. Yes, so that playbill will be worth…exactly the same after as before. Very exciting. Never really got the autograph thing–they’d just end up on the floorboards of my car anyway.

    As for the clothes thing, you’d have to go up the road to Late Night Theatre for that to fly.

  3. Why? Is that the only Theatre in town that ALLOWS clothes? Read it again, dear. We promised you we would keep our clothes ON!

    Hmmm… Guess we all know what YOU were thinking.

    Freudian Slip?

    Kisses to Blipey the Shakespeare Quoting Snuffleupagus


  4. whoops. guess we forgot to close that bold tag.

  5. P.S.

    Dream a little dream of us. (but next time keep it private!)


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