My Mom Would’ve Killed Me

There was a group at the show this evening that really got on my nerves.  Well, two of them anyway–a father and son.  I guess my first gripe is “why would you bring a 10 year old to a murder mystery show?”  A close second would be, “Why do you allow him to act like that in public?”  The son was unruly, too.

 Granted, we’re professionals; we’re getting paid to deal with the crowd, it is interactive after all.  However, there is a certain line that shouldn’t be crossed.  I believe the dad crossed this line when he tried to pull props away from another actor and then stuffed bread into them when he wasn’t allowed to continue his bad behavior.  Also, when he grabbed my arm and tried to point my gun at my head during the second act.  There are just things that should be totally obvious are not appropriate.

We encourage involvement from the audience (and indeed cast a few of them in our show every night), and have no problem with them taking us off on tangents.  Many times it is these unique additions each night that make the best impression on the audience. It was obvious, though, that this person’s goal was not to create a good atmosphere, but to see if he could ruin our show by pestering & interrupting us throughout the evening.  Obviously in need of attention, he showed himself as the jackass he is.

It came as no surprise that his son behaved in the same manner occassionally.  Why would his parents take the time to teach their children the manners they think are so unnecessary?

My mom would’ve cuffed me in the knee so hard my face would’ve fallen off.  Maybe I can call her and see if she does any outpatient work.



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3 responses to “My Mom Would’ve Killed Me

  1. They just don’t train ’em like they used to…

    Seriously, have you read Janie’s On the Essence of Little Boys?

    My parents would have been collecting my life insurance.

    Who is raising these kids?

    Oh, I forgot.


    Kisses, blipey. From bo’fus.

  2. The world is full of jerks and they unfortunately seem to love being jerks the most when people are trying to do something nice or enjoyable for them.

  3. That’s a good point, Jason. I’ve often wondered if it mostly comes from an inate jerk-ness. Or, if they feel that they need to be given attention.

    I suppose there are plenty of other reasons, but I really have no ability to delve into that meaningfully.

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