Blipey’s Theory of Auto Problems

A: one has a car

B: one has a block of freetime

C: car problems exist

The Theory:

(A and B) = ~C

~B = having 2 auditions, rehearsal, and a lunch appointment

(A and ~B) therefore C



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6 responses to “Blipey’s Theory of Auto Problems

  1. Janie’s corollary:

    Remove the word “car”, insert the words “cable modem”.

    Samey same.

    Kisses to you. Long, soft, wet ones.

  2. Very mathy of you. Not to irritate you, but you could probably moderate for Dembski now…you used the word “corollary”. That’s enough to get you qualified as an expert on just about anything.

    Of course, you might have to define samey same as some sort of integral, or at least a summation of some other sort.

  3. blipey, you are just too cute. Is “mathy” like “sciency”?

    As for Dembski, no thanks. We don’t want no stinkin’ sloppy seconds after that thing he’s got now.

    We’ll work on a whole big “Theory of Samey Same“. Then we could write a book and sue some poor backwater school district to get it inserted into the science curriculum.

    Look out, ID. There’s a new sheriff in town. Two of ’em.

    As always,

    Kisses to you, blipey.

  4. Ok, we’ve worked and worked on our Theory of Samey Same.

    It is now ready for peer review.

    Ready for it? Here it is…

    Things that are the same, are the same.

    What do you think?

  5. Seems you have completely neglected the conserved “y” factor of samey. You have probably missed a golden opportunity to include Samey Same with basic alphavbetical knowledge. Why start with HS students, when kindergartners will do?

  6. Things that are the same are samey?


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