If Only My Fantasy World were True!

Quickly becoming my favorite “well researched” blog for the discriminating right winger, Shock and Blog weighs in on the merits of stem cell research.

Many centuries ago, learned men strove to turn lead into gold. Today, learned men strive to turn embryonic stem cells into miracle cures. Obviously, very little has changed in all that time.

Yes! Stem cell research is the same as alchemy! Which puts it on par with ID! An exciting development that biologists have probably been waiting for for years. They can now justify taking their psuedo-scientific Theory of Biology into the schools!

Seriously, can Jason really be saying that stem cell research has produced the same results as alchemy? Namely, none. Perhaps he didn’t look here.

In theory, stem cells can replace the cells in damaged or diseased organs. Now, a collaboration of researchers from Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, Cornell University and The University of Connecticut have put that theory into practice. They have coaxed stem cells from mouse embryos to develop as types of brain tissue that have cured a Parkinson’s-like disease in mice.

-emphasis added

I can certainly understand how Jason could’ve missed this, as he is most likely completely uninterested in the facts concerning stem cell research.

And it is kind of a pain in the ass to sort through the dozens of papers one gets with a simple search of PubMed.

The most telling part about his claim is that it is not an ethical attack on stem cell research.  Rather, he comes right out and lies about the progress being made in the field. Ah, well. as with many anti-science types:

“The truth is what I want it to be.”



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8 responses to “If Only My Fantasy World were True!

  1. And apparently you didn’t look here:

    Using adult neural stem cells, Dr. Michel Levesque, at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, reports a total reversal of symptoms in the first Parkinson’s patient treated. The patient, a 57-year old former fighter pilot, is still without symptoms three years after the adult neural stem cells were removed from his brain, coaxed into becoming dopamine-producing cells, and then reimplanted. Because the stem cells came from the patient, there was no need for immunosuppression to overcome rejection. “I think transplantation of the patient’s own neural stem cells and differentiated dopaminergic neurons is more biologically and physiologically compatible – more efficacious and more elegant,” said Levesque. In addition to its use for Parkinson’s, the technique is under study for juvenile diabetes, stroke, brain tumors, spinal cord injury, and other conditions.

    So, again, adult stem cells have actually cured humans. Embryonic stem cells have not.

    It would be interesting to know what has happened with those mice over the past three years, though. Unfortunately (and typically), follow-up information is difficult to come by. Did the mice survive? Did the purported cure last? Were there any complications? These questions are hardly ever answered when people report on “advances” in embryonic stem cell research.

  2. Jas,

    Are you completely daft?

    Your post was on embryonic stem cell research.
    My reply to your post is on embryonic stem cell research.

    Your answer to my post makes a claim about adult stem cells.

    Try looking for which words may be different there.

    The point is: try to hold a rational conversation. It should look something like this:

    Jason: Makes a point about Topic A
    Blipey: Makes a point about Topic A
    Jason: Supports his reasoning about Topic A.

    Unfortunately, you have replaced this last bit with: Inserts Topic B for no apparent reason.

    So, again, adult stem cells have actually cured humans. Embryonic stem cells have not.

    Trying to muddy the waters here, Jas. Your claim was that embryonic stem cells are the same as alchemy. The article I linked to demonstrates that this is absolutely untrue.

    Unless you think that alchemists turned lead into silver, but just couldn’t get over the hump to gold?

    You also introduced no ethical argument in your post, but now want to talk about the ethics–because your claim of the uselessness of embryonic stem cell research has been shown to be false?

    If you’d like to talk about adult stem cell research, try to find an appropriate thread. I very rarely make exceptions. Wait, that’s you–I’m not an idiot.

  3. And the mice are dead, Jas.
    A mouse lifespan is about 2 years.

  4. Tell the truth, blipey. If your fantasy world were true, you’d be in Jacksonville right now.


    JanieBelle and Kate

  5. you’d be in Jacksonville right now.

    Florida? No thank-you…lived in Florida for 4+ years, hell on earth (though not as bad as Houston).

    Oh, you mean, South Carolina? Well, fantasy worlds are very tough to live up to. Not sure if it qualifies, I’ve only spent a few days in SC, none of them in Jacksonville.

  6. NORTH Carolina, silly. And you know EXACTLY what we were implying.

    Coy does become you handsomely, though.

    Big long wet tongue kisses,


    (We’re having trouble deciding where to put the apostrophe in that. Any thoughts?)

  7. Coming from one of those Carolinas (they’re all the same to us…), I think your “‘” is in the right place. It takes the place of the “ce”, right? Not cesium, the syllable.

  8. Oh, that’s funny chucklehead…


    Actually I didn’t get it for a while. I’m not a country music fan. Kate actually eventually figured it out.

    Kisses for Kate

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