Blipey doesn’t get to go to class :(

I was looking forward to a week-long clown / physical theatre seminar this week. Unfortunately, there were not enough registrants to go ahead with the class. I am very disappointed; an opportunity to work in a general sense has gone by the wayside.

Doing shows and teaching can work your performance muscles and pay the bills at the same time–so performing is good. However, once a show is up and running, it is quite often “set”. This doesn’t mean that the show is staid or boring, or that it doesn’t change a little from night to night–that’s the joy of live theatre. But, the freedom to explore new moments just for the sake of seeing where they go is gone. As is the opportunity to work in different ways: once the show is open and the vision agreed upon, it becomes a little static.

Workshops, seminars, and classes provide an opportunity to explore manners of working that you haven’t exercised. You can experiment with new technique and relationships. And, MOST IMPORTANTLY–you can do it without fear of failing, or of having to succeed or get fired.

We missed a great chance to itch that which makes us curious as actors. The work is fun, but the study is equally so. I wonder if it’s like that with all professions?


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One response to “Blipey doesn’t get to go to class :(

  1. Sorry they cancelled your class, blipey.

    Nice new look to the website, though.


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