DaveScot saves me from fools

Yes, there it is; DaveScot, former blog czar at Uncommon Descent, has taught me something. And, strangely enough, if he had a lesson in mind it was probably the one I learned: Leave the IDiots alone. I have mixed feelings about letting them be, but I also know that I’ll be happier in doing so.

It was the Kansas Board of Education’s stupid hearings on evolution last summer that really got me active in the EVO / ID uproar. Before that debacle, I had gone through life assuming that reason won out more often than not–at least when it counted. It’s kind of nice to think that the world operates on standard rules that everyone agrees on. Sure, there are cranks that break the rules and do strange things, but what do they really harm? Sure, Bob-from-the-house-on-the-corner can believe that aliens steal food from his fridge, who cares? Ah, the Kansas BOE showed me that real harm can be done by cranks in the right places. So, I started following the matter more closely, and doing what I could to help spread the word about defeating the ID board.

After one year, I have gained an immense respect for the people who fight this battle every day: Ed Brayton, PZ Meyers, Wesley Elsberry, Ken Miller, and many others too numerous to mention. I have also confirmed that I am not in their league in many respects, but patience among them. I do not suffer fools easily and am, therefor, not equipped for the fight. I do not call the ID proponents fools because their “theory” differs from the one I support. I call them fools for their inability to reason. I disagree with many people about many things. Disagreement does not make one a fool. Lying, slander, willful ignorance, and avoidance of discussion on nuetral grounds do.

I firmly believe that we all have a duty to educate where we can and help those less knowledgable than we are in any aspect of life that presents itself. I will continue to do this with students of mine and with those I interact with. But the will has been sapped from me to bring the fight to others (the KBOE, my own representatives, even family and friends). Somehow, even after seeing this in type, it feels as if I am giving up on something important. I thought it might help to type it out, but not so much.

But, thank-you Dave. You’ve shown me the first step on the road to doing more of what I’m good at. I’ll be happier.



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4 responses to “DaveScot saves me from fools

  1. guthrie

    My own view just now is that you cant smite them all. Just try and keep a lid on the public ones. SO I’ve written letters to newspapers, and argued online, and will sign up for anything with the aim of imprioving science teaching in schools. Much more than that its hard to do.

  2. If some day the urge to discuss ID’s views free of censorship comes back, please visit commentsonid.wordpress – you will be welcome.

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  4. Yes, taking a nice long break and working hard every day has put some of the vim back in my crusade. If I can avoid actual dialog with DaveScot (until I see him face to face in San Antonio, of course), I may hang in for the long haul. Thanks for the invite, I’ll try to visit as I am able.

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