Who’s interested in the facts?

Not Ann Coulter, for starters.

I was reading this on Ed Brayton’s awesome Dispatches from the Culture Wars. I’m going to give my impressions here, along with the above link to her un-scholarly behaviour. I think it should be posted far and wide by as many people as possible. I do not say this because Ann Coulter is the subject, but because of how she goes about her business. I take to task anyone who acts the way she does.

In our multi-media inundated lives, we are constantly beseiged by information. What can we do to insure we’re being fed the right information? Well, the easiest thing is to be personally curious, to be engaged in your own life. Don’t be spoonfed your information, check it out. Or at least check out your sources, as Ms. Coulter has failed to do. Then you can build a database of people you trust. Unfortunately, it is easier to trust sources without putting in the work of checking their veracity–which is why people like Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, Michael Moore, etc have such mindless followings. I’m not saying every member of their flocks is mindless, but too great a percentage of each flock is willing to be led to slaughter for the sake of a political issue (usually a fairly narrow one).

Let’s get the facts right, and then the debates will be meaningful. How ’bout it, Ann?


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