First from the Road

Well, three down and oh, about 250 to go.

Two shows in Olathe, Kansas kicked things off.  They went very well: enthusiastic crowds and much merriment from all.  we’ll have to wait and see if any of the kids learned anything, but I believe the chances are good.  (As to *what* they learned, that’s anyone’s guess.)

We (Janell and I) were happy to start our first day of shows with three (and in 3 different locations as well)!  After Olathe, off to Pomona, KS.  “Where’s Pomona?”, you may ask.  I would be surprised, but you could.  Well, it’s down US 59, south of Lawrence a piece.  A small rural school, but good kids, attentive.

A leisurely 3 hour drive to Bartlesville, OK, and we’re resting for tomorrow’s shows.

It’s good to be finally performing the shows and not just thinking about it.


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