In which Erik asks for things to do

The first day of shows was great, but we’ll be moving on.  Looks like we might get to have a look-see at the Little House on the Prairie down around independence, KS.  I’m going to try to get some pictures of it for my sisters.  I didn’t even know the Ingalls’ house was down here.  I really thought, for some reason, that they had lived in South Dakota or Nebraska of there-a-bouts.  Lucky me, we passed a sign for it on the way to Oklahoma.

That’s only going to occupy an afternoon, though.  I’m looking for suggestions on what to do the rest of the week.  We’ll be heading to the Dexter / Sikeston, Missouri area and then on to Western Tennessee and Kentucky.  If you live in and/or know those areas, what should I do while I’m there?



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3 responses to “In which Erik asks for things to do

  1. WooHoo, Blipey!!! Enjoy the road trip. Be safe, but have fun.

    Don’t know what there is to do out there, but you could write us some love letters, if you get bored.



  2. P.S.

    Dirty Love Letters, preferably.

  3. Now, we need to hear about West / Central Kentucky and Southern Indiana. Anyone? Anyone?

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