Speaking of Rosedale, Virginia….

Well, see…it, uh, hmmmm.  well, it doesn’t exist.  We have until Friday to locate it.  Rand Mcnally doesn’t seem to think it exists.  Rosehill, check.  Roseville, check.  Rosedale, nope.  Anyone with any insight into the kidnapping of this entire American town, please call your local authorities, and then let us know.  Please.



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3 responses to “Speaking of Rosedale, Virginia….

  1. Map of Rosedale, VA

    We sent in Delta Force and recovered it for you, blipey.



  2. Wow, thanks girls. It seems to be located north of US-19. It has been found, but Rand McNally stilldoesn’t believe in it, apparently. Fortunately, we have Google, huh? Maybe they should let the atlas people in on their little secret?

  3. They could, but then they’d have to kill ’em. Spy satellites and all that..


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