Double the Music and a beer to boot

Attended the Indy Irish Festival here in Indianapolis; it’s basically a music festival with a few merchandising opportunities thrown in.  The music was good, the merchandise a little spotty but alright.  I don’t want to make it seem like the artists were crap, just not a very wide selection.  For those used to Renaissance Festivals (especially the large, several week affairs), it seemed a little tiny and lackluster from a crafters perspective.

The music, however, was very good and from quite a wide portion of the globe: Louisville, Dublin, Glasgow, parts of Canada…very nice.  This was the only entertainment, though!  There was a small children’s area, but I’m not counting that.  I’m going to send them my information.  They need a juggler at next year’s festival.  And that juggler needs to be me.  There was plenty of opportunity to entertain away from the music stages, so I think it might fly.

And later in the evening, we went to one of my favorite Blues Bars anywhere, The Slippery Noodle Inn.  we arrived a bit early, had a bite to eat and a little bit to drink.  Then we went to the back room and saw a great blues band from Chicago called the Groove.

Off to Cinci tomorrow, might check in on the aquarium there.  Don’t know yet.


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  1. As for Cincinnati, check out the Art Museum in Mt. Adams/ Eden Park. It is just East of downtown. And it’s free.

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