I got to pet a shark!

And it didn’t bite me, giant bonus!

We went to the Newport Aquarium this afternoon and I highly recommend it.  It seems a little expensive (18.00 USD), but for those who like the river and ocean wildlife, GOOD STUFF.  They have the aquariums broken down by river systems in the world (Nile, Amazon, Mississippi, etc).  Cool facts about all the fish, turtles, snakes, etc. they have in residence.  And, of course, you finish off with the giant salt-water aquariums.  They are featuring a show with Sweatpea, the ray shark.  A cool creature if ever there was one.

There are also two petting areas: small sharks, a ray, sea stars, crabs, and more.  Really cool.  There were some small kids there that couldn’t stop saying, “Lookee, look!  Look!  Look here!”

Also some penguins, parrots and a Kookaburra.  I’d never seen a kookaburra before (only learning the song when I was a kid).

If you’d like to attend, it’s located in an area called the Levee, in Newport, KY (just across the Ohio River from Cincinnati).



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7 responses to “I got to pet a shark!

  1. I forgot about the aquarium. I hear that it is a great place.

    Too bad you won’t be in Cincy when the creationism museum opens.

  2. A Creationist Museum!!! Do tell. Hovind isn’t a part of it is he ( I mean, from behind bars or whatever)? I might have to make a detour back to Cincy in order to be edumacated!

  3. I think the Cincy one is a Ken Ham deal, though I could be mistaken.

  4. And it didn’t bite me, giant bonus!

    And it didn’t bite you in the IMPORTANT places! DOUBLE BONUS!!!

    Unfortunately, This here local kid only gets bonus number two.

  5. Oh, and here’s the MSNBC story on Ham’s creation museum thingy….


  6. Oh, and one last thing… speaking of not getting the important bits bitten off by a shark, when exactly are you coming down Carolina way???

    Just wonderin’.


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