A Weekend in Abingdon…no not that one, not that one either….

Yes, we have started the weekend in Abingdon, Virginia. Our first afternoon and evening have shown it to be quite a nice place. We’re way off in the western half of the state, in the mountains…very green, very pretty. Cell phone reception spotty…picture taking possibilities very nice.

We just got back from a very nice restaurant, The Peppermill, in downtown Abingdon. The wine list was a little sparse (especially by the glass), but that’s not really what the place is about. It’s about great food. I had the crabcakes, delicious! Not very much bread in the cakes…just enough to hold them together. Excellent. The creme brulee was very good, but after seeing the cocolate espresso pot du creme, I may have made the wrong decision. Oh well, if all my bad decisions turn out like that one, I’ll be doing great.

Janell and I were trying to figure out just how we coud sneak into The Martha Washinton Inn, but see no way to do it. And the Bureau certainly isn’t paying us enough to stay there. Something to remember for a vacation though.

Also tomorrow, we’re going to see a show at the Barter Theatre and have lunch at their cafe. Very 2 reasonable package: $75.00 for dinner for 2 and the show. I’m going to see if I can drop off a resumewhile I’m there; there’s never a time to stop looking for work.

Finally, what’s up with that title? Well, we’ll be doing a show in Abingdon, MD on Friday. And we were also scheduled to do a show in Abington, MA on the same day. This obviously isn’t true (they’re 400 miles apart), but we don’t know what’s up with the schedule. Nor does the Bureau at the moment. Not inspiring a great deal of confidence after the misadventures of this morning.

In other news for the upcoming week, we’ll be playing the Washington DC area for most of the week, with a small excursion to Philly for a day. If you’d like us to drop in on you, let me know. I can firmly say we’ll be scary, but not too troublesome–might even buy you a beer. Just don’t ask us to do the show…we’ll kill you with sticks.


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