Educating the Actors

Well, we’ve been doing the show for 3 weeks and you might think that we’re experts on the American Revolutionary War. Strangely enough, we’re not. I know; you’re shocked. Hey, we’re just actors. But, we’re dedicated and curious–and close to Philadelphia. This is a good combination.

Had a couple of shows in the Lancaster, PA area, and we went into Philly because, “Why not?”

We took a tour of Independence Hall and the surrounding historic district. We learned (or remembered in some cases) a few things from the National Park Service Rangers. Things like the following:

1. Nobody signed anything until August. That’s right, the Declaration of Independence was not signed on July 4th. In fact, it wasn’t even read publicly until a couple of days later. I remember learning that, but had completely forgotten it. The Declaration was actually signed on August 2nd (hey, it takes about a month of mulling thingsover before you commit treason).

2. The Boston Tea Party is the famous one, but there were many, many more. And Boston wasn’t even the first (or biggest) custom house in the colonies. The credit you’ll take when you’re a big, important city….

3. George Washington was a terrible public speaker.

4. But he was a great party thrower; in fact most of the city of Philadelphia followed him back to his house after the Innauguration Ceremony of JOHN ADAMS. Guess Mr. Adams didn’t throw a good party.

5. Don’t get your finger in a picture of the Liberty Bell. I took 2, one was very nice (it has my finger in it), one was okay (it is below).

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