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A Less Happy Halloween :(

We tried to give out candy and found it a chore. Not because nobody wanted any candy, but because there were very few people out seeking candy. It seems that in Liberty, NY kids don’t trick-or-treat, at least not very much. This seems very different from when I was a kid, or a teen-ager, or a young adult, or, uh…my perception of current reality. Why isn’t Halloween the same anymore?

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Happy Halloween

It’s a spooky, ookie Hal’ween

It’s the best time of the year.

My favorite holiday is here and I am ostensibly without costume–being on the road does that for you.  I do have my show costume, so I will go out and trick-or-treat.  Of course, I’m going to go out on the road and pass out candy.  I figure I will continue the show and ask questions about the American Revolutionary War to kids and give them candy for right answers.  I will help them out if they miss, of course (the goal is to give out candy–and educate a little).

So, if you’re out and about Liberty, NY, bone up on your American History and you might score some candy!  Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, by the way….

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Rained Out in Boston

Well, the plan was to walk around Boston: Beacon Hill, the Back Bay, North Town. Maybe picnic on the river or something. It is not to be. At the moment (9:40 am), it is pouring like the end of the world is nigh and the wind is gusting at 60 mph–very pleasant.  My backup plan was to watch the Mizzou Tiger vs. Oklahoma Sooners game on ABC.

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Haunted Houses, still the same

I never really got into haunted houses. They seem, to me anyway, one of the biggest wastes of money in the world. And, consequently, also one of the world’s most brilliant marketing successes. With very few exceptions, said houses / attractions are the same sort of predictable, un-suspensful, cheesy, claptrap. I hadn’t been to one in several years. I went to one this evening. Same old, same old:

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Listen Up! This is the recipe for a caesar salad:

This isn’t really that hard, is it? I mean, a caesar salad only has four flippin’ ingredients. Why hasn’t this dawned on most of the United States? I know it’s said that our education system is failing, but it really must be in freefall. So, here we are, a PSA from Blipey to the culinarily challenged:
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Vegetarian Restaurants Anyone???

Okay. Janell’s a vegetarian, which is perfectly fine, but it makes eating difficult. Not difficult eating for me, I can eat anything. Anywhere. Okay, that’s not a challenge from some of you wise-asses. It does make eating for Janell difficult at times. Not in NYC or Boston, but in places like Plymouth, MA and Johnsonburg, NJ. So, if anyone knows of good vegetarian (not necessarily vegan) places, let me know. We’ll be in Boston; Providence; Columbus, OH; Chicago; and Iowa City through Thanksgiving. Thanks.

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Don’t make fun of film cameras

My batteries died. No pictures for me. I thought this would be a very temporary situation, little did I know. Janell has a Cannon camera that actually uses film (yes, celluloid, strange). I’ve been poking fun at her for this since the start of the tour, little did I know.

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