What’s up with the “Diner”s?

Okay; we’ve been in the New York / Philadelphia region (no, that’s not so big for all of you who have never been in the area) for a couple weeks now. What the hell is up with all the Diners? You may have noticed that I capitalized the word diner. That’s because every small and medium town in the region has at least 3 separate eating establishments called “Diner”. Sometimes it’s “The Diner”, sometimes “Blue Diner”, sometimes “Kelly’s Diner”, occasionally “Town Diner”, or “City Diner”…you get the point.

It seems to me that this might start a few family or domestic disputes. Can you imagine the phone call that begins, “Okay, meet at the diner at 6.” Well, every party could conceivably end up at a separate restaurant. Then , at 8:00, the insults start to fly, “What do you mean I wasn’t at the diner; I was too at the diner, you jerk!”

If anyone has any insights into this diner phenomenon, let me know. I will admit that I didn’t eat at any of them so I can’t speak to any particulars. Why are there so many “Diners”? Why did anyone think that their place should also be called “Diner”? Can someone stop this trend?



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3 responses to “What’s up with the “Diner”s?

  1. My wife lived in Coatesville, PA for a couple of years (before we were married) and we went to the DD (Double D) Diner everytime I went to visit her. There is an oddly high number of Diners out there, and they’re not all that bad.

  2. Hey. I ate at a diner last night: Johnny D’s. It seems it might be some sort of small chain of diners, though I’ve certainly not heard of one. They serve, oh…let’s see, everything. The menu was 15 pages long, including breakfast, mexican, sandwiches, wraps, chinese, burgers, steaks, lobster, chicken fingers, wine list, cocktails, ice cream fountain, vegetarian, kid’s menu, and a face painter.

    Yes, that’s right, you could eat the face painter; she looked delicious (make-up was a little thick though, go figure).

    It really wasn’t bad. Certainly not the best food I’ve ever had, but certainly decent to above average. And open 24 hours, what else do you need?

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