My nomination for worst stretch of interstate

Wow. Driving today was absolutely terrible. From my Diary of Anne Frank tour earlier this year, I have more than a handful of suggestions for New England road builders (such as: Label your *&^$ing streets). My new suggestions though should be implemented post-haste. The 110 mile trip from the Washington Bridge onto Manhattan to Hartford, CT took 4 hours. That’s right, 4 hours.

WIDEN THE DAMN INTERSTATE!!! Two lanes just doesn’t cut it, dufusses. Something like 25 million people live in the area…WIDEN THE DAMN INTERSTATE!!!

The trip from Manhattan to our hotel in Hartford included 109 miles of interstate and 1 mile of other stuff. Yes, we averaged 27 miles an hour…for 4 hours. And since no one can drive or merge this was almost entirely done in segments consisting of 3 minutes of 50 mph, then 5 minutes of 6 mph.

Bumper to bumper traffic for 100 miles. Come on! Surely a country that rename individually explored rocks on Mars can WIDEN THE DAMN INTERSTATE. In case the powers that be aren’t sure which I-00 I’m talking about, they are these: I-80, I-95, I-684, and the lovely (I examined each square inch personally while still driving) I-84.

How ’bout it, NYDOT and CDOT?


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