Why are kids fat & lazy? How ’bout this.

Reading the local paper this morning, I came across this little tidbit.

It seems that Willett Elementary School (in Attleboro, MA) has outlawed tag at recess. That’s right, no more tag! Oh, also: flag football or any other sort of contact activity. It seems that the kids may get hurt…. We wouldn’t want little Timmy to get a boo-boo now, would we?

Now, the article did say “unsupervised” play…but it also said the ban was for recess. Do they not supervise recess? Wouldn’t that be a bigger red flag for the a&*hole lawyers and insurance companies: no supervision, rather than kids playing? Hmmm.

I’m asking anyone who believes in tag, kids playing, recess, or fighting plain stupidity to send your opinion to Principal Heppe. Please be polite and reasonable, but let her know that she’s part of the problem. You can send the email to willettschool@attleboroschools.com



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3 responses to “Why are kids fat & lazy? How ’bout this.

  1. Would “You’re an idiot!” fall under “polite and reasonable”? If so, I’ll be the first to send my regards to the principal.

    Just wonderin’.

  2. I suppose it could if you included the reasoning behind the idiocy.

    This really ticks me off and I think the situation needs to be addressed–not just by the unfortunate residents of the district. I believe it falls in the same category as ID / anti-science boards. Exactly when did those in charge of education in this country stop thinking about how to educate our children?

    It’s very much like the little leagues and kids sports leagues that don’t keep score anymore. Uh…playing baseball or football or whatever is about keeping score. Sure, we need to emphasize that winning isn’t everything and all that, but eliminating the score is teaching them that no one ever wins or loses. How does that prepare them for real life. Sports are about how to be a good winner, how to be a good loser, how to get better when you get it handed to you, discipline, teamwork, goals…most of this stuff becomes impossible to learn from if no one knows what the score is.

    Please do write the school; I have.

  3. Here’s something that Shelley Batts at Retrospectacle put up on obesity. Scary.

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