Don’t make fun of film cameras

My batteries died. No pictures for me. I thought this would be a very temporary situation, little did I know. Janell has a Cannon camera that actually uses film (yes, celluloid, strange). I’ve been poking fun at her for this since the start of the tour, little did I know.

We went to the Mark Twain House and Museum in Hartford, CT. Then , we spent the afternoon in Plymouth, MA. So, I get out my camera to take a shot of the front of his house before the tour starts (no photos are allowed in the house) and my camera is dead. I don’t have any extra batteries with me (I’m an idiot). I say, “Well, I’ll just get some at the gift shop.” Nope; they don’t sell any. I then say, “I’ll get some when we get to Plymouth.” Nope. Two trillion gift shops and a shopping district along the bay, no batteries to be had. The entire Pilgrim Museum and Mayflower II exhibitclose down at 4:00 or 4:30 depending on the attraction. So, I don’t want to miss anything, I don’t go into town to find batteries.

I guess I’ll have to stop making fun of Janell’s camera…she has pictures of Mark Twain’s house and the Mayflower, and Plymouth Rock, and Cape Cod…. (Blipey hangs his head in shame.)

If anyone is ever in the Hartford, CT area, I highly recommend the Twain tour. It was super cool as it was, but it should only get better. The Carriage House is being renovated, along with one of the guest bedrooms, and some other smaller parts of the house. The museum also has some very cool exhibits about Clemens’s life and some things about a few of his contemporaries. There’s a fairly sizable collection of Tiffany items (Tiffany’s design firm did the interior decoration for the Twain House). You can also tour the house of Twain’s next door neighbor, Harriet Beecher Stowe.

Really a neat area.


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