Rained Out in Boston

Well, the plan was to walk around Boston: Beacon Hill, the Back Bay, North Town. Maybe picnic on the river or something. It is not to be. At the moment (9:40 am), it is pouring like the end of the world is nigh and the wind is gusting at 60 mph–very pleasant.  My backup plan was to watch the Mizzou Tiger vs. Oklahoma Sooners game on ABC.

I haven’t seen a Tiger game this year (on the road and all), so it was going to be great. The game is the national ABC early game. However, since it has nothing to do with the east coast, no one is showing it here. The alternate national game is Penn State vs. Pitt. This wouldn’t be a horrible game, but really not all that good either. Of course, here in Boston, good ol’ channel 5 is playing what? That’s right: Syracuse vs. Cincinatti. Orangemen / Bearcats? In football? You’ve got to be kidding me!

That’s about the worst football game you could imagine watching (though a decent basketball game)! The Big 12 game involves 2 nationally ranked teams, the other games involve also-rans at best, probably worse than that, truth be told.

I know; I know. If it happens in fly-over land, it might as well not have taken place. Go ‘Cuse!


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