Is there a worse use of federal money?

This is from yesterday’s USA Today, page 1.

Federal grant money will be going to teach abstinence to 29 year olds.

Now, I am not against the idea of abstinence. I’m just against the “preaching” of abstinence to the exclusion of really educating young people about sex, life, and consequences / responsibility. And this goes way beyond the “not-teaching” of young people. We’re now talking about adults, for God’s sake. Take a brief moment to think about this program; alright that should have been the time needed to say, “what???”

The major problem with abstinence education programs is that they are generally abstinence-only. What 27 year old is going to listen to an abstinence-only message? If you can find one, let me know. These programs are political and ideological campaigns rather than programs that are education oriented. They seek to indoctrinate, not educate. It is this indoctrination that upsets me, not necessarily the core message. Isn’t education about decision-making skills?

This goes along with the possible NYC banning of trans-fats. There are things that I would like my government to keep an eye on. Then there’s the rest of the stuff.


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