Principal Dinello has a logical shortfall

I can’t believe I forgot to mention this. When we were setting up for our morning show, she came by to make sure we had editted the show. It was then that she came up with the following winner. She told Janell, “Any other time of the year, it would be okay, but not now.”

Uh. What? Does that mean tomorrow, last week, next month, what? If we had done the show on Friday, could we have done our regular show? What exactly is going to be different 3 weeks from now (or 3 weeks ago)?

Also, her introductory speech was inane. It actually got worse the second time. The first time she emphasized the importance of “being quiet when we (Janell and I) would change costumes.” Really don’t get this at all, could someone explain it to me? I’m assuming that she thinks professional actors, directors and playwrights haven’t thought about pacing and audience appreciation. Thank god she gave that speech, it gave us a chance to cut the multiple times we were completely off stage for 3 minutes.

The second time, she also mentioned the “be good when the actors are off stage for several minutes doing cocaine (they are actors after all) and changing their costumes” bit. She also cam up with this dumbass line, “What you are about to see is kind of like a play.” Is the rest of our show “kind of like an ice cream social” or “kind of like a WMD inspection”? She then followed up with something like if you grow up and do something like a play, then you’ll want people to be sort of like quiet, and sort of like attentive, so you sort of know what to do…go kids. Okay, I made up the content of that completely, but it soundeed a lot like what was actually said.



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3 responses to “Principal Dinello has a logical shortfall

  1. The future of this country is sort of like doomed.

  2. BR:

    The future of this country is sort of like doomed.

    Not as long as people like Dembski are around…no, wait, that’s the future of this country is sort of like dull.

    I’m fairly confident that people such as yourself, the Panda’s crew, and real teachers around the country can undoom us.

  3. Sorry, I won’t be undooming anybody. I’m just a lowly computer engineer. I just hang out at Wes’ site for the laughs. Hopefully watching the tard unfold over there won’t make the real movers and shakers throw their arms into the air.

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