The Non-War War Show is over!

Wow, did it suck! I guess there were a couple of things that were okay: we cut 14 minutes off the show and uh, nope; that’s the only positive thing. We still have to go back and do an afternoon show at the same school, J H Brooks Elementary in Moon Township, PA. We’ll actually be able to do it faster this time since we have a little practice. I’m going for 29 minutes.

On the negative side of things: pretty sure the kids learned about 6 times less than the kids who’ve seen the whole show. We managed to do a 31 minute comedy shw without being funny. We lost our place in the show a couple times since we were basically cutting out random bits here and there. we weren’t bad enough that they told us, “Please don’t come back this afternoon.” It’s the last one that I find the most difficult to swallow.

Some of you may be wondering how we did a show about a war without alluding to, showing, or faking any war stuff. Well, this is how we did it. We kept score. Anytime we were about to commit an act of violence, fake violence, goofy cartoon violence, say words about violence, or introduce a scene about violence we brought the show to a halt. One of us would then call out a score such as, “Crispus Attucks, nil, British Regulars, 2”

We did this for the whole show, keeping a running total of every characters points. Then at the end of the show, instead of having the battles at Lexington and Concord and the Shot heard ‘Round the World, we had a BBC World News reader do the scores of the day’s American Revolution.

Reader: And now for today’s American Revolutionary War scores: A nil – nil draw between Crispus Attucks and the Pilgrim Men; George Washington 1, Simple Merchant nil; The Pilgrim Women defeated the Frenchies 1 – nil; Audience nil, Native Americans 2; America 1, British Regulars 4. For Janell Ratzlaff, this is Erik Pratt, saying thank you for watching BBC World News.

This scoring system doesn’t do much for education, but it does bring up an interesting educational sidenote for those that are actually paying attention. The British didn’t win the first battle or the last battle of the war but the won a large majority of the ones in between. So the score 4-1 is actually historically acurate not only in football but in old wars.

I did finish by saying they should go to the library and research the Am. Rev. War on their own and find out what happened. I did want to show the principal that she was stupid, but I couldn’t completely neglect the students. And we did introduce them to many concepts and historical figures throughout the show, even if we didn’t get to portray them as we wanted to.



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2 responses to “The Non-War War Show is over!

  1. blipey and janelle, 1
    stupid principal, nil

    ya’ did the best ya’ could, under the circumstances….

    very creative, though.

  2. That’s stupid principal “Lynette Conti Dinello of the J H Brooks elementary school, Moon Township, PA.”

    I want to make sure that her whole name is out there as much as possible, you know.

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