Finally, a great show!

No; not ours. We’ve been coasting for some time now–at least I have; I shouldn’t speak for Janell. Seriously, our show could use a little stage managment at this point. Maybe Ric will look at it over the Christmas break and tweak it back into shape. Of course, it could be in perfect shape, but I doubt it. Some gentle reminders are probably in order.

But, on to the important stuff! THE GOOD SHOW. After 3 failed attempts to see good theatre on our down-time, we finally succeeded. The went to an anniversary dance concert by Attack Theatre, in Pittsburgh on Saturday night. GREAT SHOW. Read about it beneath the fold:

The show was called the Kitchen Sink and was a review of some of their best works in their 10 year history. The 2nd Act also had one premiere work. Attack uses live music in all of their works, utilizing a fantastic band: cello, percussion, basoon, electric bass, and some vocals. Many of their dances also include video and multi-media elements, most of which are effective (though the video work was often my least favorite element of a piece).

As a clown and juggler, I really enjoy physical and movement theatre: both watching and studying. Watching this show made me want to take 3 months off of doing this tour and take a class with them. I was intrigued by the story-telling ability they brought to the table with very simple-looking dances. the dances were not, technically or emotionally, simple but were executed with such ease that it appeared that they must be simple. I am not a dancer and the few classes I’ve taken from and with dancers have always left me wanting to be better at what they do. This was no exception.

fortunately, Attack Theatre does tour and they do teach year round. I’m hoping that these two aspects of their work can come together. I told a friend of mine in Kansas City, Beth Byrd, about getting them in to teach a movement intensive. Beth is an excellent mime who runs Byrd Productions and she brings in teaching artists for beginner and master classes each year. I hope next summer I can one, be back in KC and settled, and two can take an Attack Theatre class.

If you are anywhere near Pittsburgh or see that Attack might be coming to your town, go see them. Call me and I’ll even pay for the tickets (though they are very reasonable).


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