Rock & Roll is here to stay

Holy Cow! The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland is completely awesome. I need to go back, but will not be able to because of its only bad feature: it’s only open until 5:30 pm. Seriously. Not even open until dinner time…

If you are planning to go yourself, I highly recommend buying the 2 day pass. It’s only 50% more expensive than a 1 day pass and there’s no way you can get the full experience in one day. While it is the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and Museum, it is spectacular if you are a fan of almost any type of music. There are exhibits on all styles of rock and what music influenced them and a whole bunch of detailed history of the music industry. There’s quite a lot of info on: bluegrass, jazz, blues, folk, gospel, and country.

The 4th floor gallery is currently housing a complete look at The Clash–very cool. It includes posters, albums covers, backstage passes, clothing, videos and reviews of the band in its early days, and even newspaper articles about the bands The Clash formed out of.

The main exhibit floor is generally divided into decades of Rock. It includes a phenomenal amount of clothing and outfits worn by rockers in each decade: Michael Jackson’s glove, Mama Cass’s dresses, David Bowie’s uh…whatever he wore, etc. There is also a section on what bands were influential by decade, what inventions (sound and recording, instrumentation, etc) were produced in each decade.

And, of course, the best part: days and days of recordings you can listen to. The 500 songs that changed the world. Recordings of the pioneers of Rock: Elvis, Chuck Berry, Little Richard. Recordings of those who just predated Rock: T-Bone Walker, The Ink Spots, Satchmo. Truly awesome.

If you ever have the opportunity to go…GO!!!


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