Darn kids! Shouldn’t you be playing hookie?

Not that I endorse that practice in any way, of course.  Don’t play hookie, kids.  Also, eat your vegetables.

We’ve got shows the day before Thanksgiving.  That’s:  1) craptastic  2) load-a-liscious  3) poo-rific  4)  all of the above  5) none of the above?

There answer is 5.  Craptastic and  load-a-liscious are sort of interesting and would be correct.  Poo-rific is just stupid and hopefully you can figure out 4 and 5 yourselves.

There is slightly good news, however; we’re in Indianapolis on Wednesday so my sister gets to see the show.  The bad news is an 8+ hour drive to Kansas City to get home.  Oh well, we gain an hour going that way so here’s to football and triptophan (sp?).



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2 responses to “Darn kids! Shouldn’t you be playing hookie?

  1. I heard today on NPR that the murder rate is down from this time last year in Kansas City.

    That’s good news for ya’…

  2. yeah, I got murdered last year; it wasn’t fun. If the Chiefs lose to the Broncos it’ll go up, believe me.

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