Do Cartoons have any content?

Is it just me or do today’s cartoons have exactly zero content? As I’m eating breakfast at the hotel this morning, I find myself watching the Cartoon Network with some kids here in the lobby. I’m not sure what we’re watching, but it seems to be a cartoon based entirely on the writers(???) playing Tony Hawk 2007. Almost everything in the cartoon is characters from the game skating in different skate parks. There will then be a minute or so of talking (plot?) and then back to skating.

Wouldn’t just playing Tony hawk 2007 yourself be better for you? At least you’d be working on your small motor skills and decision making. I have the same question of the Yugi-Oh cartoon. Why watch other pople play the game on TV? Just play it yourself.

Or, go outside and play some baseball, go sledding, something….


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