Go Mizzou!!! Ralk, Chalk, Chickenhawk!

University of Missouri Tigers 42

University of Kansas Jayhawks 17

The season didn’t go as well as I hoped, based I know on heightened expectations of a 6-0 start, but this is a nice finale. After 3 crappy loses in a row, we have won The Border War. After the futility that is normally Mizzou football, an 8-4 season is a happy chnge. This is especially true since Chase Daniel seems to be turning into a truly geat college quarterback.

Now extra practice and extra reps in prep for a bowl game. That can only make us better.

The only complaint I have with the game today is a shot that ABC showed across the nation. A Missouri fan proudly cheering his team on in full Confederate regalia. I know the history of the border war and the rough riders and free-soilers, but come on. Now the rivalry should be about other things. I would tend to laugh it off but we have a scary number of hate groups residing in Missouri, so I can’t feel completely good about it.


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