Strange Place Names

We’re here at the best named city on the tour so far. Maquoketa, IA (Ma-quo-ka-ta). It’s not the best named place I’ve ever been, of course. There’s Peculiar, MO (just south of Kansas City). There’s Pink, OK (really, there is). And of course Paducah, KY.

What’s are the best named places you’ve ever been to?



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7 responses to “Strange Place Names

  1. There’s Beauty, KY and not far from that is Lovely, KY. Both well named little villages in the Eastern portion of the Commonwealth.

    I’ve been to Blue Ball, PA which is down the road from Bird-In-Hand and Intercourse, through which you must travel to get to Paradise. An interesting progression. The Amish seem to have a fixation….

    Those are the best off the top of my head.

  2. Oh, yeah. I almost forgot. If you’re traveling out interstate 68 in the Western End of Maryland, right near the border of West Virginia, there’s a pretty little town called Friendsville. I’ve been by there upwards of a hundred times.

    It’s funny because whenever we’ve passed by there, even at night, you can never see anyone moving around the town – no moving cars, no pedestrians. A few times we’ve seen cars at night heading INTO Friendsville from the interstate, but we’ve never ever seen one coming OUT.

    Let me tell you about the importance of this observation.

    A long time ago, when I was little and there was no interstate, you had to go through town on US 40/48 (I think that was it), and the same was true. Once, we were nearly out of gas, and it was about 10 at night and very dark. We pulled into a gas station, which was open and had all its lights on and everything. But there was no attendant on duty. My parents hung out for a little while, waiting for the attendant so we could get some gas. After about ten minutes, we saw this large group of kids walk slowly out from around a corner and start in our direction. Not a whisper or a giggle or a word out of any one of them. Ever hear of a big bunch of teenagers that didn’t make a noise?

    We got the Hell out of there, and swore never to return.

    To this day, my entire family swears the town was taken over by Brain-Sucking-Zombie-Vampire-Teenagers, and I have yet to see any evidence to the contrary.

    Just so y’know.

  3. BR: yes, that’s a personal favorite of mine, also, though I’ve never been there. May get a chance next spring…if Springer doesn’t beat me up.

    JB: I always wondered where the Children of the Corn grew up, now I know. Though I would think–with the naming of the town–that this would be a Quaker-type village too.

    As for the Amish-named villages, hmmm. We spent a week there and never encountered weird names like that. On the bad side, we were in the same village that shooting happened the day before it happened.

  4. Perhaps you are a carrier, and infected the guy with Mad Clown Disease?

    Ok, that was in poor taste, I admit.

    (But it was still funny.)

    As for Friendsville, it looks like a town where time just stopped about 1900, but for all the cars parked around town. We believe that these belong to subsequent victims, however.

    And if you were a gang of Brain-Sucking-Zombie-Vampire-Teenagers and wanted a town to use as a trap, what better named burg could there be? They may be dead, but they ain’t dumb.

  5. Bob O'H

    OK, a bit late on this one (sorry, the UD Entertainment Dept. has been unusually active recently). But I think there’s a town in Norway called Hell – which makes sense if you’re Norwegian. And there’s also a town in northern Finland called Ii.

    Apparently there are a lot of places in Finland with names that would not be suitable for a family blog: see Mikael Nieni’s “Popular Music from Vittula” for details.


  6. Hell, Norway?

    I want to go. I’d compare it to the Bering Strait (Alaskan side), that being the closest thing to hell I’ve spent time in.

    And how exactly would you pronounce “Ii”? Is it like a ululating scream?

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