DaveTard’s Exam Primer

Dave Scott Springer, blog czar of the very amusing Uncommon Descent, has invited me to look him up when I roll through town on my current tour. I’m very much looking forward to this. {edit:}Steve Story, at After the bar Closes, wondered what it would be like to actually test Dave’s knowledge in some of his many expertises. I think this is a great idea and want to help it happen.

So, anyone with any ideas for questions, leave ’em here. Try not to make them too difficult–he won’t have long to answer (I’m not sticking around all day). But, hey, if a tricky one slips through it’ll be alright; I think he’s a world reknowned expert in:

computer hardware, biology, federal case law, all forms of engineering, psychodelic fungus growing, colorful language, naked women, boats, patent law, warfare, agnosticism, aetheism, deism, physics, use of the word autoerotic asphyxiadidact, and is a self-made multi-millionaire with a certified IQ approaching the Universal Probability Bound.

Study up, Dave.



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25 responses to “DaveTard’s Exam Primer

  1. john a. davison

    You forgot plagiarism.

  2. Design Detection. What sort of men by which women would like to have babies.


  3. john a. davison

    I love it so!

  4. JanieBelle Says:
    December 24th, 2006 at 10:25 am e

    Design Detection. What sort of men by which women would like to have babies.


    Are we talking about seahorses here?

    Or, is this an essay topic dealing with the functionality of sexual reproduction and non-Orkan males?

  5. I think he should have to write a thousand word essay on you. That’d about cover it.


  6. Hmmm. Not sure that really covers, uh, any of the bases of biology that he claims special expertise in. It would be a fun exercise in any event.

  7. It would cover what sort of men with which women would like to have babies.


  8. I think he was being “deliberately obtuse”, as you put it last night, Lover.

  9. Oh, unwarranted modesty.

    How sweet. Make sure Davey adds that to your praises when he sings them in that essay, blipey.

  10. J-Dog

    Please ask him why he is so stupid as to be Wiliam Dembski’s butt buddy…. not that that’s wrong…

  11. It’s his choice of butt buddies that I question.


  12. #
    December 29th, 2006 at 9:40 am

    Please ask him why he is so stupid as to be Wiliam Dembski’s butt buddy…. not that that’s wrong…

    That would actually be interesting to hear. I think I will include that. And a couple of corallaries:

    a. wouldn’t you think it wiser to attach yourself to someone who wasn’t in a sinking ship?

    b. does it really secretly eat away at your insides that a dolt like Dembski gets the “big” (for ID) press and a truly suave, multi-billionaire, playboy, genius like yourself has to play second or third (Morphodyke) fiddle?

  13. Do you really think that matters? I could probably play with a mirror behind me.

  14. Rich

    Please help him with his bulimia.

  15. Rich

    also – does the designer contain CSI?

    If so, surely he/she/it was designed?

  16. OOOOOHHHHH!!! I like that one a lot. It’s a nice twist on infinite regression. It uses their own *ahem* well defined terminology. Very nice.

  17. Rich

    Hey, I’m “touched”!


  18. No one makes that sound when they’re touched.

  19. Rich

    Bears do, if you make eyes at their honeypots.

  20. I’ve been touched by His Noodly Appendage, and I make that sound…

    Usually when I’ve got The Itch and I have my prey Kate in sight.


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  22. J-Dog

    If we are allowed more than one question, ask him why he likes Big Butts?

  23. Absolutely, J-Dog. Pretty much anything’s fair game.

  24. Rich

    ask him:

    why do birds suddenly appear,
    every time he is near?
    could it be, they mistakenly
    think his dandruff is breadcrumbs?

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