TSA: makin me feel safer or NOT

Okay.  I get airport safety regulations; I really do.  I travel a lot for work; I get it.  However, it is days like yesterday that make me go, “Da’ hell???”

Years ago it used to be that you could take rediculous things on a flight–as carryon.  I used to fly with an entire strolling juggling show as carryon: clubs, silicone balls, sheathed throwing knives, sharp sticks, whatever.  Very little, if any, hassle.  Now, not so much.  And I don’t expect (or want) to carry any of that stuff on now.  Gels, on the other hand, need to follow sane rules and not the ones currently being applied.

3.6 ounces or less, this is the amount of gel or paste you can carry on.  I’m not sure why this is the rule, but I’m assuming you can blow up a plane with 3.7 ounces of gel.  This could be entirely true; I don’t know.  I’m good with this restricton.  I’m good with putting all your gels in a clear plastic bag, though it seems like busy work.  I’m going on a 1 day trip to do a show so I’m not checking anything.  I put my deoderant and toothpaste in a clear bag.  So far, so good, right?

Wrong.  I’m out of travel toothpaste, so I take a 4 ounce tube, but one that is quite clearly less than half full.  It’s rolled up and everything.  Well, this gets confiscated.  Why?  Because the screener has to go by the label on the package!  Apparently it’s okay to take a full 3 ounce tube on a plane, but not 1.5 ounces in half-used tube.  And not because you might have mixed it with something, but because the label is wrong?  Surely this isn’t the reason?

To finish it off, though, I got a laugh.  He told me I could check it.  I almost did.  “Uh, yeah; you lost my luggage.  No.  No, it was a tube of toothpaste.  No, not with anything, just a tube of toothpaste.  It was more than half empty, too.  Think you’ll be able to find it?”

The idiocy of that doesn’t make me feel good about the effectiveness of TSA.


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