Hockey in KC!!!

Oh boy, I am pumped! The NHL may be coming to Kansas City.  It’s not a sure thing; in fact, I’d say about a 30% chance, but it’s a chance.  To make things even better, if the current situation pans out we’ll be getting, not an expansion franchise, but the Pittsburgh Penguins!  (I know, too many exclamation points, but we might be getting the Penguins!)

It hinges on the state of Pennsylvania coming up with a new arena deal for them, something they haven’t been able to work out for 14 years.  The Penguins play in crappy, 45 year old Mellon Arena.  Kansas City will have The Sprint Center on line in October.

The Ssprint Center

Mario Lemieux and the rest of the Penguin Bigwigs were in KC yesterday to look at the arena and listen to AEG’s (the owner/operator of the arena) proposal.  I don’t think that there will be any better deal offered by any other group, Pittsburgh included.  The basic details are: free rent, all luxury suites are pre-sold, and half ownership stake in the arena.  The will get this for a 27 million dollar buy-in.  That’s a sweet deal.

The only thing going against KC–and it’s a big thing–is Pittsburgh’s tradition.  This is something that I will not root against.  I don’t think that KC should steal a franchise from another city.  AEG also said as much in a press conference today, they are right.  Pittsburgh is a great hockey town and deserves to have the Penguins in perpetuity.  However, if things fall through, I feel good about KC’s ability to  pick up the pieces.

I can’t say that I hope the Penguins come, but it sure would be cool.  And even if it does fall through, we’ve announced to all the other owners of current or future teams that KC is the place to come.



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3 responses to “Hockey in KC!!!

  1. Wow! Last I heard the possibility of that deal was dead!

    Good luck KC!

  2. Well, the Pennsylvania legislature did a WTF??? Isle of Capri Casino was going to build them an arena for free if the got a gaming license.

    AFAIK, Pennsylvania allows gambling, so I don’t know why it happened, but Isle of Capri was denied. So, Lemieux took the team off the market and said that they were exploring relocation options.

    I believe they are using KC as a small motivation to get the best deal from PA possible, but you never know.

  3. Now Oklahoma City is making a bid I guess. They’re a bit late to the game, I think, but they do have an arena–The Ford Arena–that is pretty new, but not as nice as the Sprint Center is going to be.

    They have proven they can sell tickets to a new franchise though. The NBA is doing very well there this year.

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