Math Education vs. Generic Stupidity

I’m not sure which to chalk this one up to, maybe both.

I was in Westlake Hardware today, buying some lubricating oil for my razor. What stupidity could possibly occur on such a mundane errand? Change making.

My purchase cost $3.22. I told the cashier I had 22 cents before she finished entering my currency into the register. I don’t know why it would be important if I said this before or after the currency was recorded, except most people are utterly deficient in math skills. Most of these people can, however, read the number on the machine LCD. Let that be a lesson to all, get your change out before the cashier hit $20.00 tender.

My cashier was no exception. I gave her a five dollar bill and was fishing 22 cents out of my pocket as she was digging in her drawer. I then repeated, “I’ve got 22 cents.” To which she replied:

“I’ve already got it.” She then continues to count out 78 cents.


“No. I’ve got the change. I’d like to get…”

“I’ve already got it.” She cut me off! Sure, that’s rude, but what I found more frightening is that she had no idea what I was talking about. She didn’t let me finish my sentence and was not smart enough to figure out that I wanted 2 dollar bills back. Didn’t even dawn on her.

So, I said, “Just give it to me,” and walked out with my $1.78.

Can someone make the stupid stop burning?


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