Space Aliens

They’re here. And I have eaten at their restaurant!

The aliens do not require that you wear their headgear, but I thought it appropriate to follow the local customs. Yesterday, we ate a place called Space Aliens Grill and Bar. I had never heard of it before, but saw the sign on the interstate near Albertville, MN. It was reasonably close to dinner time, so we decided we must stop and partake.

I found out that aliens are known for BBQ. Who knew? Now, I come from Kansas City, so I was a little leary about BBQ from a North Dakota-based restaurant. But, it turns out that they do a bang-up job. The meat was tender and near perfectly cooked. The sauce was nice, though a little too sweet for my taste (I know, I’m from KC, but I like to put a little spicy Memphis-style dry rub on before I apply sauce). The food was good, the menu mostly pizza and BBQ (nothing wrong with that), a few sandwiches and a full-service bar (nothing wrong with that).

The interior is decorated like a Planet Hollywood if you replace film memorabilia with alien heads, flying saucers, and space-age gizmos. There’s an arcade for the kids, a gift shop, and all-in-all it’s pretty cool.

My camera’s batteries chose yesterday to die and I didn’t have replacements on me, so no pics of the place, bummer. I did, however, have balloons so I made myself a hat much like the one above and went in to dine. Thank God I always have balloons on me; you don’t want to piss off the aliens.



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5 responses to “Space Aliens

  1. Wyoming

    Space Aliens Grill and Bar??? and you ate the meat that was on the menu? Did it taste like chicken? Remember Soylent Green.

  2. I certainly did. And if it was human, I’ll have to go back and say, “You damned, dirty, uh, whatever you evolved from…”

  3. Wyoming

    You do not believe in the adage “Buyer beware”?

  4. BR: your link is broken. I assume you are referencing the Treehouse of Horror?

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