Ah, Winter ’tis here!

We’re in Wisconsin this week (and part of last) and I get to see winter! I don’t see much winter anymore; I’m from Kansas City. Kansas City used to have winter, but now we just get ice. Ice is different than winter. Winter is snow and sledding, fires and hot chocolate, frost on the windows, and chill nights that wrap the world in silence. Ice is pretty, but heavy and damaging, power-line destroying, and undrivable.

So, I’m happy to say it’s chilly AND snowing here from Green Bay to Fond du Lac. I love it.

The historic lighthouse in Fond du Lac:

Fond du Lac Lighthouse



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7 responses to “Ah, Winter ’tis here!

  1. It’s been freezing here in North Carolina. The highs have only been in the fifties.

    It sucks, and I’m ready for summer.

    I’m looking for a smaller bikini already….

  2. What? 50? You got to be kidding me. It sure is a good thing those southern girls are cute, they apparently aren’t very tough.

  3. We’d rather be cute and squishy in all the right ways.

    Plus, a miniskirt isn’t very practical when it’s freezing out.

    Would you prefer us in snowsuits and burkahs, or minis, midriffs, and bikinis?

    Think about it.


  4. Smaller? Jesus H. Christ, Janie! The one you’ve got is illegal in 15 states!

    I’m good with smaller.


  5. I was on the beach last year, and saw this one guy get arrested for thinking about my bikini!


  6. I’m not even sure I know what that means.

  7. Wyoming

    I’m a parka and mukluks man myself. And we sure haven’t had to have them here in Wyoming this year. I am about to give up on winter in Wyoming. So far it has only been below zero three or four times and the wind chill has never been below -40. A real winter at least provides a little nip to the noses and toeses. Hopefully, in the next couple of months we will have snow and cold so we can get out and do some snowshoeing in the Big Horns and maybe even rent a snowmachine for the weekend.

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