Wow, she’d better love you a lot!!!

All I’ve got to say is that your relationship has to be in a very, VERY good spot to allow you to do this:

A Redneck Valentine

This is a real Kenosha, WI sign. Who the hell takes their date to White Castle on Valentine’s Day? Little, I mean really tiny, meat patties on biscuits don’t scream lasting relationship to me, but I could be wrong. I suppose White Castle could be the glue that holds traditional marriage together when all around it is crumbling beyond repair…. Or not.

Can anyone name a worse place to go? I’m straining to think of one, but coming up blank (at least on the comical locations).



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8 responses to “Wow, she’d better love you a lot!!!

  1. max

    I am thinking Chuckee Cheese could give White Castle a run for worst Valentine’s Day Date Choice. I could be wrong.

  2. Hmmm. You may be right.

    I did spend some of my 20th birthday at Chuckee Cheese–after being tied up by my friends, thrown in trunk of a ’68 Impala and driven around town for 20 minutes.

    Okay for a goofy prank by friends, but 2 of those 3 things are bad for Valentine’s Day (3 of 4, if you count actually being at Chuckee Cheese).

    EDIT: Unless you are a rabbit currently standing in molassas, do not attempt at home!

  3. max

    Well gee, yeah, I would say that would not go over well on Valentine’s Day. Shouldn’t you include a warning label like that for the slower bunnies in the crowd? You could break up a lot of relationships with that post.

  4. Wyoming

    What has the food at White Castle to do with the quality of a relationship? The relationship had to be in great shape before they couple ever reached White Castle. If it hadn’t been, they wouldn’t have made a reservation at Whitel Castle. My guess is that those couples who do go to White Castle on Valentine’s Day are the happiest and most contented people you will find anywhere. The food, or lack thereof, is immaterial.

  5. max

    Trasnlation: Wyoming has White Castle reservations for Valentine’s Day.

  6. Wyoming

    Close. Unfortunately, I know of no White Castle in Wyoming and admittedly it would be up there as one of the more bizarre Valentine’s Day events, but with my lovely bride of 25+ years we will probably enjoy a snowy picnic somewhere in the Big Horns and a ramble across a snowy lake before we head back to town for dinner at Winchester’s.

  7. Now, Valentine’s Day in the Big Horns way better than Valentine’s Day at White Castle. It is not the food, necessarily that makes White Castle a dubious choice. It is, uh, hmmm…the fact that it is, well, White Castle. Personally, Quiznos would be better for me.

    It is the thought of going to a dumpy, dubious quality, slightly dirty restaurant that I think is hilarious.

    I do agree, the relationship is probably in a very good place if you’ve made those White Castle reservations. My take on it is that I would probably never go to White Castle on purpose, any purpose, so making an exception for Valentine’s Day would be goofy (not in a good way).

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