Who (or where) are your neighbors?

I found this migration study very interesting. My home state of Missouri continues to lose people at a trickle. However, my home town of Kansas City continues a recent swing of slow population increase (woohoo). Are people fleeing to or from your state? Why?



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2 responses to “Who (or where) are your neighbors?

  1. Wyoming

    This study just goes to show how diverse people really are. I am surprised there are still people living in Missouri. Different people find joy in different ways. I onced lived in Missouri and thought I had a great life while growing up in the central part of the United States. It goes to show ignorance really is bliss. Since that time I have had the opportunity to see other parts of the country and a little ot other countries. Four words make think that there may be a mass exodus one day soon from Missouri – CHIGGERS, TICKS, HEAT, HUMIDITY

  2. While I can completely agree with chiggers and ticks, the last two items in your list are simply not true–to sane people!!! I’ve lived in Florida and Missouri might as well be Saskatchewan by comparison.

    There are certainly places for every person and–more to my amazement sometimes–people for every place.

    The most interesting data here, to me, was the exodus from the upper east coast. I can certainly understand it, but I was mildly surprised.

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