Proof of Overwhelming Evidence’s efficacy…lol

Overwhelming Evidence is a site that supposedly taps into the excitement and coolness of MySpace, Facebook, etc to get teenagers to see the light of Inteligent Design “theory”. One of the many brainchildren of Discovery Institute Fellow, William Dembski (author, very expensive public speaker, and trial dodger), Overwhelming is supposed to um, overwhelm the Darwinian, materialistic establishment and get the teeny-boppers all in line with Inteligent Design and Fundamentalist Christianity. (Of course, most of the posters AFAIK are older than me: troutmac and oleary–two of the most active users–are definitely not of the target demographic.) Now, they’ll say they’re all about science, but go read some if you want: Overwhelming and especially the very funny Uncommon Descent. Make your own call as to what they’re all about.

Granted, at nearly 6 or 7 comments on some days, it will take a while for the truth to become clear to the rest of us morons, but here’s what an actual college student has to say to another Fellow of the Discovery Institute, Jonathan Wells.

Aaron Ring, in the Yale Daily News. A tip of the jester’s cap to Tara Smith at Aetiology (see the sidebar).


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