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Misplaced Discipline?

California, land of dreams and golden highways, gives us an example of what our elected officials should really be doing with their time (and our money). State assemblywoman Sally Lieber has introduced a bill to outlaw spanking.

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Wow, she’d better love you a lot!!!

All I’ve got to say is that your relationship has to be in a very, VERY good spot to allow you to do this:

A Redneck Valentine

This is a real Kenosha, WI sign. Who the hell takes their date to White Castle on Valentine’s Day? Little, I mean really tiny, meat patties on biscuits don’t scream lasting relationship to me, but I could be wrong. I suppose White Castle could be the glue that holds traditional marriage together when all around it is crumbling beyond repair…. Or not.

Can anyone name a worse place to go? I’m straining to think of one, but coming up blank (at least on the comical locations).


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Ah, Winter ’tis here!

We’re in Wisconsin this week (and part of last) and I get to see winter! I don’t see much winter anymore; I’m from Kansas City. Kansas City used to have winter, but now we just get ice. Ice is different than winter. Winter is snow and sledding, fires and hot chocolate, frost on the windows, and chill nights that wrap the world in silence. Ice is pretty, but heavy and damaging, power-line destroying, and undrivable.

So, I’m happy to say it’s chilly AND snowing here from Green Bay to Fond du Lac. I love it.

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Space Aliens

They’re here. And I have eaten at their restaurant!

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Can you read?

This is a question I am seriously contemplating asking everyone I meet this week. I haven’t found a book store in any town we’ve been in (only 3 days, so far, but yikes). And to top it off, neither of our hotels so far has offered a paper–first time that’s happened all year. What have I learned this early new year? People in Columbus, NE and Jackson, MN don’t like to (can’t?) read.

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Math Education vs. Generic Stupidity

I’m not sure which to chalk this one up to, maybe both.

I was in Westlake Hardware today, buying some lubricating oil for my razor. What stupidity could possibly occur on such a mundane errand? Change making.

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Back on the Road Again

We hit the road this afternoon to begin the last 18 weeks of The Boston Tea Party. And we’re getting colder as we go, at least for a while. I love the winter: snow, hot chocolate, fires, ice on the trees, etc. I’m going to love it. Janell, on the other hand, not so much. I don’t think she’s spent a winter in the north before, should be fun.

We’re starting off in Nebraska and moving to the Twin Cities, and on to Wisconsin. Good stuff! I’ve done a winter tour of Wisconsin and the Dakotas before and it was brutally cold. Layer, layer, layer, and wear some mittens and it’s all good. I’m looking forward to Minneapolis, nice city. I wish we had more than 2 days there. Oh well, we’ll eventually be back in Chicago (my kinda town) by February; that’ll make up for little Minneapolis.

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