Funny stuff in the workplace

A couple of goofy things have happened in the show this week. It got me to thinking about some of the funny stuff that has gone on in shows I’ve done over the years. That, in turn, got me to thinking about what funny stuff happens to other people who have real jobs. Well, I’d like to hear about them. So, please spill your guts about the funny stuff that has happened to you on the job. And I mean “funny ha-ha” not merely stupid. Examples below the fold.

Example of not funny, merely stupid or idiotic: I play 8 different characters in the show I’m currently touring. I completely forgot to make a costume change today and went out dressed as 1 character but doing the voice of a second. When I noticed a couple of minutes later it struck me as funny. However, I doubt anyone else got exactly the same wry pleasure out of it as I did (or even notice, perhaps).

Example of rip-roaring hilarious to most who witnessed it: I was in a touring production of The Diary of Anne Frank last year and we’d been doing the show for several weeks and it was becoming very rote (not bad, just a well-oiled and well-known machine). I played the dentist, Dr. Dussel, the last to arrive. In figuring out where I’ll sleep, Mr. Frank has the following line:

I’m sorry there’s not much room; I’m sure you won’t mind sharing a room with my daughter.

Well, in Chicago, in front of about 1,200 people, he delivered the line:

I’m sorry there’s not much room; I’m sure you won’t mind sleeping with my daughter.

Immediately after this line, Anne and I go into our bedroom and have a 5 minute scene in the dark, on the bed. I struggled for several minutes to keep my composure–not helped by the fact that every cast member took every opportunity to whisper the line to me again and again and again…. And to ask me how she was, when the wedding was going to be, etc.

So, along these lines, what do you do for a living, and what has cracked you up on the job?


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