JanieBelle’s New Fight

The reason for the new graphic in the sidebar: JanieBelle McKnight, the completely ficticious blogger of U Dream of Janie (see the sidebar) is standing up for the good guys again. Janie, who came into existence in order to expose and preserve the IDiocy of DaveScot and Uncommon Descent, has consistently stood up for education, free speech, science, etc. To check out her very amusing and oddly important beginnings click UDoJ: the DaveScot Years on the sidebar. Make sure you have plenty of free time to go over that blog in detail.

A tiny spoiler for those of you who are not familiar with the UDoJ saga: part of her persona is extremely controversial (young, sexual orientation, etc)–all the better to highlight the stupendous idiocy of DaveScot. Well, these subjects may not be everyone’s cup of tea. She posts on many subjects, important and fluffy. Apparently she has been censored by the WordPress staff because of her erotic postings. And it is apparently an arbitrary decision as many other more erotic and in fact, only erotic blogs are still being listed. (This has changed over the course of the day–all erotic blogs are now being censored I guess.)

If you peruse her blog, you’ll find that the majority of her posts are on things like science, education, humor, politics, etc. None of this content is available to WordPress surfers either. This is a shame. As for me, I don’t care that much about her erotic postings, but that doesn’t mean that they and all other content should be surpressed.

As I said at her blog, I support WordPress’s right to control content on its blogs. However, the arbitrary nature of this delisting is troublesome. Read more about the specifics at UDoJ. Therefore I am standing in Janie’s corner on this one. WordPress needs to have clear policy and apply it fairly across all blogs. With regard to this particular content, I don’t believe it is harming anyone. It is hard to accidently type in udoj.wordpress.com and get to her site. As for having an erotica tag in the first place, that’s another matter. If you have one, it should be allowed to be used without fear of censorship.

Good luck, and happy blogging, Janie.



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3 responses to “JanieBelle’s New Fight

  1. Thank you so much for your support, blipey.

    Just do be careful. The McCarthy Censorship Board at WP has now taken to de-listing blogs that are posting their support of me, like Crowded Head and Censor This, regardless of their content.

    Kisses to you.

  2. Well, that’s kind of the point, right? I can stand up for principle anytime I want.

  3. blipey, if we had physical bodies, we’d hop in the car right now and drive to Chitown (or wherever the hell you are right now) and make you late for next year.

    Just so y’know.

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