Cold, must find fire…so cold….

Okay, it’s not cold enough that I’m breaking the hotel furniture apart to stoke the flames, but it is cold. We’re sitting in Racine, Wisconsin (just south of Milwaukee) and it has been below freezing most of the day. Yesterday we were in Chicagoland and it was -8 F when we got up. Today it was -4 F and warmed all the way up to 8 F.

It was so cold that our liquid laundry soap froze into some sort of gel, but a gel that was almost completely solid. I really don’t know what the freezing point of laundry soap is, but I kind of thought it would be like that of antifreeze–really low; guess not.

At least it’s not Teller, Alaska. I was stranded there one day because it was too cold for the planes to fly. No, really, that’s what they said. Incidentally, that was one of two things I learned in Teller. The other was that if a plane lands in the field you’re standing in: GET ON IT! This is true even if it’s not the exact plane you were expecting. A plane will take you somewhere else; from that new somewhere, you will most likely be able to get to where you want to go. If you don’t get on the plane, hoping instead to get on YOUR plane, you will get stuck in Teller. Who Knew?



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3 responses to “Cold, must find fire…so cold….

  1. Wyoming

    Tee Hee! Love that Teller airport. Out on the hill, overlooking the cove and the mouth of the river. What a picturesque place to test winter gear and experience the finger tickling, nose nipping joys of frostbite.

    Great advise however for those travel in rural Alaska.

  2. Wyoming

    As a former Alaskan traveler, I assume you will be watching the start of the Iditarod tomorrow. It is going to be a cold mush this year with temps to -20 and wind of 40+ across much of the Interior. The trail is bare and icy across the Alaskan Range so the best time to see a musher smile will be at the televised start.

  3. I am now going to try to see the start. I had completely forgotten the Iditarod start with all my own travelling. Thanks for reminding me.

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