UPTAs are over; it’s back to work

It’s time to go back to the bliss of actually acting instead of doing my real job of auditioning. My UPTAs are done for the year and I guess it went okay. I didn’t receive as many callbacks as I would have liked, but who did (with the exception of number 346, perhaps–that guy must be awesome)? But the callbacks I did get went very well and I think there is a better than 50/50 chance that each company will offer me a job. Several companies just kept my resume, which could mean anything from nothing to everything, who knows.

The possible job I’m most excited about is the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire. They really liked me a lot in the callback. And I think it bodes well that I do all that variety stuff (stilts, juggling, fire-eating, etc) and have extensive stage combat experience. The contract is pretty decent: money; housing; food; free masters classes in voice, stage combat, Shakespeare, and others; and it could be a 5 month contract!

Dollywood also seemed like it was a decent job. They liked me a lot at my callback, as well. However, they wanted me to go to dance call. Hahahahaha. Have you ever seen a clown not trained in dance try to learn a semi-lengthy combination in 15 minutes? They didn’t cross my name out after seeing me at dance call, but I don’t think I helped my case any. Maybe I should actually take a dance class or two–you’d think I would have my priorities straight at this point. Ah well, something to do this year.

Other interesting possibilities include Busch Gardens: Williamsburg; Great Plains Theatre (for Of Mice and Men and Noises Off!), I’d really like to do both those shows; and Poetry Alive!. I think these would probably be decent jobs too, with the possible exception of Poetry–it’s another year-long tour and in May I’ll have been on the road for 9 of 12 months.

I’m still hoping that one of the companies that held onto my resume (like TEXAS SHAKESPEARE FESTIVAL, hint) calls up and has decided to use me. But I can’t be too worried about that right this minute. It’s time–for 3 more months–to get back to doing what actors don’t always get a chance to do a lot of:

Work. I can’t imagine wanting to do anything else.



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7 responses to “UPTAs are over; it’s back to work

  1. Congrats on the call backs, blipey.

    I hope with all my heart that you wind up doing the PA RenFaire.

    You know we still make the 600 mile trip back from North Carolina at least once a year just for that, and we’d love to see you there!

    (Oh, and if you do, be absolutely sure to give Gracie O’Malley a great big kiss from us!)

  2. Thanks very much. As for kissing Gracie O’Malley–I love the Irish lasses. And interestingly, I’ve been clocked by wenches before (hard to believe, I know), so I’ll do it.

    There were also a couple of theatres actually in the Carolinas that kept my resume so maybe you won’t have to drive 600 miles. But Gracie O’Malley probably won’t be at either of them.

  3. Just be careful she doesn’t run you through – she’s a pirate queen y’know. And she’s got the sexiest hair…

    (She’s also the musical director, and one of the Sultry Sirens of Sin. Just FYI if you didn’t already know that from your audition.)

    We’d drive all the way there to see her, we’d drive all the way there to see you, but we’d walk all the way there to see you both.

    That said, it’d be just peachy to see you in our parts, too!

  4. Oh, her. I met her at the callbacks. I agree, she has awesome hair. And she’s a single malt scotch drinker; we debated the qualities of Speyside (me) vs. Islay (she) for a bit. I may be in love.

  5. Uh oh. I have made a mistake. It was not Gracie O’Malley that I met. I met with the Dance / Movement Director, who happens to also perform in the stage shows. I’m sure I would love to share a stage with both of them.

  6. Which part/character does she play?

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