I need to join the ranks of…well, everyone. So, I just want it to be known that A Clown in the Middle strongly believes that this non-story should go away. We feel that the only way this can happen is for us to tell everyone that the death of ANNA NICOLE SMITH will not be exploited on this blog.

There is no way that ANNA NICOLE SMITH will be mentioned, even if a white Ford Bronco is involved. We stand with Wolf Blitzer of CNN in believing the only way to appropriately report this story with dignity, allowing the family a little privacy, is to splash the name ANNA NICOLE SMITH all over the place. And in Wolf’s case, add a nice collage of images of her face and breasts. WTG, Wolf.

So, once again, if you want stories of ANNA NICOLE SMITH, go, uh…everywhere else on the planet: newspaper, TV, radio, internet, whatever. You will get no ANNA NICOLE SMITH here.



Filed under Journalism, Media, Stupidity, Television

4 responses to “ANNA NICOLE SMITH!!!

  1. max

    You are a funny guy, Blipey.

  2. Thanks. I just felt like being a joiner. And sometimes I feel as if CNN is the reason we can’t have nice things (though not even close to as often as FOX NEWS is the reason).

  3. max

    Fox News is the devil.

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