In which Blipey appears in a video of dubious quality

So, I find myself at an audiion callback. In general, this is a great thing. However, these auditions happened to be in the middle of a very long national tour. Still, this is a good thing. The callback is going very well, they like my grasp of dialects, my physical performance, the fact that I do a lot of variety-entertainment stuff. Then we get to the part where they ask me for a tape demonstrating my stilt-walking ability.

Hmmm. I only packed 6 days worth of clothes, a few books, and my laptop. And this doesn’t even take into account the fact that I have very little stilt-walking on tape. I have a lot of juggling, a good amount of knife throwing and fire-eating, and all kinds of interactive corporate stuff on tape. Stilts? Not so much. So, of course, I say, “Certainly I can get a tape to you.”

I’m saying this as my inner self is screaming, “Da hell??? Where are you going to get a tape of you stilt-walking? You’re on the road with no stilts, no stilt pants, and almost no juggling stuff….”

No problem. It just takes one free day, say on a weekend. You put on some stilts made from stuff at the local hardware store. You go to a rec center in the area (because it is ice cold outside). You take a couple minutes of video and “viola!”

Thank goodness I had the presence of mind at the callback to say of the video, “…well, it won’t be great quality.” So my only disappointment is that there were no people around to interact with (damn 20-something weather). That’s the sort of thing that really sells variety arts performance. Oh well.



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27 responses to “In which Blipey appears in a video of dubious quality

  1. blipey MacGyver!

    They have to give you big points for improvisation of your stilts!

    I’m impressed with the performance, video quality be damned, blipey.


  2. Great stuff, blipey. Hope the video works out in your favor.

  3. JB & BR: Thank-you, thank-you. You are too kind.

    I much prefer home-made stilts; I try to use them exclusively. They are lighter, easier on the legs, and generally allow for more mobility.

    Dry-wall stilts have their purpose, but it is limited to standing in one place for several hours. Surprise, surprise; that’s what they were designed for.

    Circus-style peg stilts allow more agility and a much wider range of motion. The only problem with the rec center? WAY slick flooring. You can actually see me slide around a little bit. I didn’t do a 720 spin and a couple other things I was planning on doing because, the floor was, uh…WAY SLICK.

  4. max

    Criminy. I am never going to whine about jump roping again.

  5. Why ever would you whine about jumping rope? Unless you’re in a competition with 11 year olds and they’re making you double dutch? That I can understand.

    Max, I also hear it’s great training for HORSE (if the opponent is a non-double dutching 5 year old).

  6. max

    My mother warned me about clowns like you.

  7. Why, oh why didn’t I quiet her when I had the chance?

  8. It gets worse and worse. Alright, sweetie, now you know why we never went to the circus…and why there’s a kaliope in the attic covered up with a sheet.

  9. max

    You are getting a therapy bill in the mail “Dad” and it is going to be a whopper.

  10. With delicious cheese and mustard?

  11. max

    Oh you whacky optimist.

  12. Damn. Wait, you probably don’t have any whoppers in California; my bad.

  13. Wyoming

    I hope the video is well received. Is this what they mean in theater when they say “improv”? It appeared to me that you were lumbering around a bit and your movement was a bit stilted. Just joking. Do wish you well with your call backs and maybe the video is just the finishing touch.

  14. max

    We have plenty of whoppers in California.

  15. Oh, I know you have plenty of whoppers, but I meant whoppers. I’ve never found one amongst all the sushi joints.

  16. max

    There is a Burger King at the corner of Sunset and La Brea, Fresh Stuff.

    [That is where you get whoppers, right? Burger King?]

  17. Now I know where I’m eating in April.

  18. Not at the corner of La Brea and Sunset….

  19. max

    Well of course not, who would eat at Burger King when In N Out is just a couple blocks over at Orange?

    Say when do you find out how that interview went?

  20. Love the In N Out! Though when I actually eat at one after a several month lay-off, I never remember why I think I love it (the high grease content?). Kind of like candy corn in that regard.

    Should find out soon-ish. They should look at the video tomorrow and I would think they’d get back to me this week. Their season starts in May.

  21. max

    Oh well if you did not have to watch your girlish figure so you could hop around on stilts you could have In N Out more.

    Good luck with that I will cross fingers for you.

  22. max

    So it is March 8 there should be news right?

  23. Thanks for asking.

    You would think so, but there is no news. That of course, in this business, means…uh, something. It probably means that I didn’t get the job, but I’m not sweating it. I reminded them that I’m alive and that’s all I’m gonna do for a bit. I’ll remind them that I’m alive again at some point.

  24. max

    Well if you did not get it they are dumb clods anyone who can jump rope on home made stilts gets the job.

  25. Gee, you’re so nice.

    I may still get the job, who knows. I got another job offer today though, so all’s well.

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