Is this the real Kansas?

I’m afraid it is and I’m in it. We’ve been in the western part of Kansas for most of the week and I’ve seen some kooky things. Starting with the telephone in the bathroom at our hotel. That’s right, there is no phone in the bedroom area of the room, or the desk area of the room, but the bathroom? Oh yeah, just in case you need to call your bookie from the crapper. And the flourenscent light underneath the sink in same bathroom is inexplicable. Yes, that’s the light that comes on when you flip the switch. Maybe it’s for the Munchkins when they visit?



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4 responses to “Is this the real Kansas?

  1. I have lived in Kansas all my life and I can honestly say I have never seen a telephone in the bathroom of anyone I have ever known or any hotel I have stayed in!

  2. Me neither, not even in Kansas, until last week. I’ve lived a lot of my life in Kansas City, MO and never pass up a shot at Kansas, but it’s mostly in fun. I actually quite enjoyed the trip through far western Kansas. My only true complaint was the real lack of places to eat. Some of those little towns (couple hundred people or so) didn’t have a diner, a fast food place, or a gas station to get a candybar. Tough to eat when you have to drive through these towns on a schedule.

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  4. Wyoming

    It’s been a bit since I perused your blog, but now that I have, I thought I would fill the ether with my observations on food in Kansas. Oakley Kansas! At one time anyway Kansas had some great food. Years ago Oakley had a Chinese restaurant that rivaled any Chinese food I ate on the Plaza or even at the Tea Leaf (a five-star restaurant in Anchorage). I was told that the family had been in western Kansas from the days when the railroad was being built. I stopped there whenever I had a chance and even planned travel times so I would be in Oakley at meal time. It was always busy and always good. As for the phone in the bathroom????????

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