Blipey as a Slam Poet

Yes, scary as that may seem, it could be true. Poetry Alive! called today to see if I want to tour with them next year. I think I do, but am waiting to see if a couple better (read: non-touring) jobs pan out.

Now, Poetry Alive! does both domestic and international tours, so that could make my decision as well. If they want me to tour Australia or Europe or something, sign me up. I may be getting a little road weary for touring the good ol’ US of A, though.

The job would be teaching English and Communication skills through poetry performance. The tours have no sets, no costumes, no props, just actors. That would be such a great thing I can’t even describe it. It would also be cool if Sweden were involved, or Italy, or Japan….



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2 responses to “Blipey as a Slam Poet

  1. Rich

    Hey – did you catch up with davetard?

  2. I have not done so yet. This tour took an abrubt itenerary change, but that just means I’ll have to use some vacation time to do so.

    There’s still a chance that the back end of this tour will swing by Austin. If not, I’m going to take some personal time and go the 3rd week of May. We’re done the 18th of May and my next gig isn’t for a couple weeks, so it’ll actually give me more time to wait while he tries to avoid me.

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