Woke up–thought I was in LA

Seriously. Now, back in KC we have Johnson County, Kansas to hold up the strip mall cause. Those of us who live on the Missouri side often make fun of Johnson County, especially the city of Overland Park (OP), for just this reason. Overland Park is the fastest growing city in Kansas and I believe this growth is being supported entirely by the strip-mall-building-industry. There are literally miles of OP that are nothing but strip malls.

Of course, OP strip mall aspirations pale in comparison to LA. Certainly in terms of population size, but also in density. In LA, for example, they’ll put up a 3 story strip mall where a 2 story one would do.

This brings me to south metro Denver. Holy Cow! I really didn’t think anything could be LA-like in terms of strip malls. I was wrong. Littleton, Englewood, Lakewood, etc may actually outdo LA. Seriously. And I believe the only thing that breaks up the strip malls are actual, old fahioned, ginormous indoor malls. Truly incredible.


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